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Advertise your Business with Short Codes 56161 – 56767 marketing service

Bulk sms Marketing Service

Let your customers easily remember you with your short code, Short code (a 5 digit virtual mobile number 56161, 56767 ) with a combination of keywords is a great way to promote your business, increase response rates and build customer database. Include your Short code on brochures, hoardings, store-front, website, social media or practically all marketing channels and provide your customers an easy, cost effective way to reach you instantly.

Access & export subscriber database

Mysmsmantra.in saves you the hassle of updating and maintaining the subscriber data. Once your customer subscribes to your messages by sending a message, they can be automatically added to a group that you specify.

Get notified for each incoming SMS

You can easily forward the incoming messages to your email, phone number or a contact group to stay updated with all inbound communications to your business. You can easily contact the customer looking out for help or close a sale if interested in a purchase.

Easily setup SMS auto-replies

Automated instant SMS replies with attachments, links and more based on the keyword. You can even schedule the response with a delay if it is difficult to attend to all the queries immediately. Insert file attachments, short links, vouchers, tickets and more using powerful mysmsmantra.in features.

Granular reporting

It is essential to know how many messages are received for each of your keywords and sub-keywords and also the delivery status of auto-replies. Mysmsmantra.inprovides a simple interface to access and export all messages and its status in one place.

Access incoming SMS on the go

You can access incoming messages on your mobile with our Android and iOS mobile apps and stay informed round the clock

Premium 5 digit numbers (56161, 56767)

You can choose from a set of premium, fancy handpicked numbers which are patterned and easy to remember.

Unlimited free SMS replies

Mysmsmantra.in dedicated short code comes with unlimited SMS auto-responses free of cost so that you don’t have to purchase SMS credits separately. However, you need to purchase SMS credits for Keyword on short code.

Unlimited free sub-keywords

When you purchase a dedicated short code or a keyword, you can configure any number of sub-keywords and create unlimited inboxes as per your need.
Easy and instant setup
It is extremely easy to select and purchase your short code and keyword. The setup is instant so that you can get started with your short codes and keywords in minutes.

Know more just make a call @ +91 9911344466, 9911882220

Visit Website @ http://www.mysmsmantra.in/


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