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Price Hike Notification – old
"Price steeply Hiked with all. No Not with My Sms Mantra.We are bearing the maximum hike for our customers with the same services."
The cost per SMS is being revised steeply. As a result, it will impact your cost further.
We have already updated about the regulation changes on your registered mobile on 6th Nov12
We would be deducting multiple sms credits for each sms sent as it was informed w.e.f 9th Nov.
Schedule for SMS credit deduction is below


                        Credit Deduction per sms

Before 8th Nov-12

                              1 credit

9th Nov-12 - 17th Dec-12

                             4 credits

18th Dec-12 - 24th Dec-12

                             7 credits

25th Dec-12 - till further notice

                              2 credits

We are not passing the entire hike to our customers till the pricing gets stable which will take few days.We are obsorbing the maximum part of hike for next few days till stability comes.
This practice has been implemented to provide the maximum commercial benefits to our customers till the industry prices comes down to a stability pricing sstructure.
Fluctuation in sms credit deduction is due to our negotiations with multiple operators to pass on low cost sms to our customers.
We will be updating the old non-consumed sms credit balances to new balances once the pricing/cost per sms becomes stable & uniform accross all operators.please keep on checking updates on this page.

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