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In a country like India, marketing a product or service would involve lot of expenditure. This is true if you are following a more traditional and conventional method of marketing. However, marketing through wireless communication has seen tremendous results over the years and now everyone can avail these services.

Bulk Sms India MySmsMantra.in offers bulk sms services in India through which one can reach out thousands of targeted customers in a single shot. Bulk SMS is a modern day marketing technique through which you can promote your products and services or even send notifications or alerts to masses. In this electronic era, it is the more the suitable and desirable method to advertise one’s products.

Generating lead is the most important objective of marketing and you can be rest assured to get maximum leads when you use our bulk SMS India marketing tool. Marketing through SMS has multiple advantages. You can schedule the time at which a particular SMS has to be delivered and get delivery receipt to ensure that it has reached the desired person.

Our SMS excel plug-in is equipped to deliver messages to both CDMA as well as GSM technology and therefore we are able to reach out your targeted customer even at the remotest location in India.

The emergence of new media in india has opened many new avenues for small and medium sized firms. Today, bulk sms india advertising in the print and on TV has become quite expensive and not every business house can afford to spend crores on a monthly basis. Hence, most small and medium sized companies feel the need for alternative media channels. Out of the most popular new media that have emerged in the recent times SMS and email marketing continue to dominate. Email marketing has been followed for years now. Many companies have greatly benefitted from email marketing. However, there are some disadvantages of email marketing. Since it is a form of mass marketing, many companies in india use it to gain easy profits. This has caused in the increase of cybercrime as many cyber miscreants target innocent internet users with spam mails loaded with malware and viruses. Hence, many sites observe strict privacy settings when it comes to handling a promotional mail.

Also, emails by nature are long to read and not everyone of us can spare that amount to time to read ten different promotional mails on a daily basis. Compared to this, SMS marketing to india mobile phones offers numerous advantages. Unlike spam emails, there is no way a SMS can go unread unless the user has blocked the sender. Also, an SMS is short and does take few seconds to read. Thus, the user does not feel harassed seeing one new message in the inbox. Also, compared to emails, you have greater efficiency with bulk SMS in india as you know exactly to whom you are sending the intended message.

Bulk SMS in India is still at a nascent stage. It comes with several advantages. Bulk SMS to india is cost- effective. Almost any registered company can send bulk SMS in India. You can easily send bulk SMS once you have downloaded the right bulk SMS online for sending bulk sms in india.

MySmsMantra is a leading bulk sms provider in india.Company excels in services related to sms & voice.

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