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Short Code 58888

Short Code 58888 Service ProviderShort codes have become a part and parcel of every business these days as they are the widely used tool for marketing products and services across the globe. The reason why more and more businesses choose shortcodes is because the process is more reliable, convenient to customer as well as company, instant results and affordable.

In a country like India too, the use of short code service for marketing campaigns is ever increasing. This is of course, because of the consistent results it has been producing. offers short code 58888 for the convenience of its clients in their marketing campaigns. Just use this code in your campaign and ensure lead generation that could help in finding more customers.

This automated process is more reliable, user friendly and productive. The targeted customer can send SMS to this short code and get instant reply for it. At the same time, the response is sent to him / her through an automated process which helps you in better monitoring of the campaign. It is as simple as you finding the outstanding amount due for payment from your service provider. The service is convenient even for senior citizens as almost everyone knows sending and reading SMS. Just go ahead and avail this opportunity. My Sms Mantra is a leading keyword short code provider of 58888 code used for marketing in india.

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