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Missed Call Alerts

Missed Call AlertsMissed call concept has redefined the way telephone is used over a decade. You might have observed that the person who has lesser talk time or credits in his account often gives missed call to the one who has more of it. So, this person calls back the missed call number as it serves his purpose. The same strategy is also applied in marketing.

MySmsMantra.in offers missed call alerts service, where in, the targeted customer gives missed call to a toll free dedicated number meant for the client. After this, we will transfer these details to the client through an automated process which ensures lead generation. The number gets stored in our database along with date and time. You can always use these details for sending marketing SMS or call up to make them aware of your product or service.

The call back service has found to be tremendously useful tool as the desired customers won’t think twice to give missed call and that too on a toll free number. All this would mean that there is more lead generation and in turn it could propel your sales in a real time. MySmsMantra.in can give that ultimate advantage to your business. Avail the benefits of our missed call alert service.

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