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Send SMS ServiceMethods of communication have been changing consistently ever since mobile burst into the scene. If SMS redefined the way we communicate, sending it through internet enabled computer has only made it more popular. Now, you can send SMS to individuals or groups depending upon your requirement. has the best infrastructure in place to enable you to send SMS to mobile users across India. You can either choose to send it to individuals or a group. Group SMS or bulk SMS is also widely used these days to market one’s products and services. It has become a new age formula to generate leads as well as keep in touch with customers and clients.

The advantages of using this feature is that you’ll be able to send SMS to multiple users in a single shot and also view the delivery report online. It is fast and reliable. The best part is that it is web based so you can accesses it from any part of the world. Just choose the desired numbers and send your personalized messages.

Our sms sending excel plug-in is user friendly and functions 24X7. This ensures that you get the best support for sending SMS without any compromise as far as quality of service is concerned.

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