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Send Sms From Excel

Send Sms from ExcelAs more and more businesses are relying on bulk SMS for their marketing campaigns, its importance is ever growing. We’ve seen the role of web based Bulk SMS that is convenient as well as productive. Now, get ready to send SMS to those thousands of mobile numbers right from your excel file.

Yes, that is true. offers send SMS from excel service at affordable prices. Sending SMS from an excel file will add so much flexibility and ease to the businesses. We provide excel plug-in through which our excel plug-in can be plugged with a excel sheet. You don’t have to login to our website every time a message need to be sent.

Manage your contacts and customize your message in an excel file and send your messages from it. You can even see the delivery report of messages from this file itself. Now, doesn’t that make it all the more worth? Our SMS gateway enables you to send message through excel instantly to all telephone networks across India.

Your marketing campaign gets a real boost as a click of a mouse would ensure a message is delivered to thousands of mobile users. It saves your time and money too. What are you waiting for? Start your computer to send sms from excel sheet right away.

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