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Group SmsToday, marketing strategies aren’t merely restricted to television or print media. It has extended to internet as well. Now, with the help of internet, you can send group SMS or bulk SMS to targeted customers in india at a single instance. Reaching out those thousands of contacts and generating leads is not really a big task in this technology dominated era with the help of

Now, sending group SMS to india is as simple as e-mailing your friend or relative. With the help of our web based SMS, you can simply send your marketing SMS to the desired contacts at a click of your mouse. If at all you consider logging into a website and sending SMS from there is little tedious, just download our Excel plug-in and start sending messages right from an excel file.

The advantages of this bulk SMS is that you can reach out thousands of mobile users at once. Further, you can get your marketing campaign done pretty economically. A group SMS ensures that you don’t need to send the same messages individually and send customized messages to all at once. This further saves your time as well as energy. Most importantly, the SMS charges when you send them in group are really cheaper.

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