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Short Code ProviderMany of us are familiar with this service since most of us use mobile phones. Short code services are nothing but a 5-digit number to which we send SMS either to activate or deactivate a service or feature. It can also be used to retrieve information based on a query such as outstanding bill amount etc. SMS short code is pretty popular in polls, contests etc.

Now, with the help of, you can also avail these benefits and let your existing customers get the desired information as well as generate leads through ad campaigns. It has become a new marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes.
The service can be customized as per your requirement. Simply use the short code 58888 or short code 56767 or short code 56161 in your ad campaign for maximum lead generation. You can also check the competence of our short code in India by sending SMS to any of these numbers.

Fast track your lead generation with our state of art shortcodes available at affordable rates. We are one of the leading short code service providers in India with all the experience and expertise in the kitty. Just explore our services and propel your business to greater heights.

Keyword on 56161 Short Code @ Rs 4500/- for 1 year
GST @ 18% extra on all payments    

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