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Bulk Voice CallsAre you tired of heavy upfront and over head expenditures for your marketing campaigns? Need a simple and reliable alternative to tele-marketing? Our bulk voice calls can propel your business prospects.

Bulk voice calls are nothing but pre-recorded message to the target audience that gets dialed automatically to all the mobile or landline numbers intended. This message is played after dialing the desired telephone number of a targeted audience with a regular interval of time. The best part about this is that there is no manual intervention.

So, there is no more need of your tele-marketing operators dialing hundreds of telephones for achieving paltry results. You can simply automate the whole process with the help of our voice calls.

This strategy of voice SMS produces more results as the pre-recorded message has clarity in what needs to be told to the targeted customer. You can simply get this recorded by an experienced marketing professional and then make use of our state of art facility in order to reach out the masses.

The other advantage of this tool is that you can customize the marketing campaign in different languages for various geographical locations. This will add an ultimate advantage to your campaign. There is nothing like an automated message giving an overview of a product or service. It simply catches the imagination of a customer.

With this amazing tool at your disposal, you can easily cut down the outbound voice calls which are both expensive and time consuming. Bulk voice SMS has become a modern day’s tool to capture the audience. MySmsMantra.in is that tool for the success of your marketing ideas. We offer cost effective solutions to your marketing campaigns that help in lead generation as well as revenue. Take this opportunity to make your business sustain amidst the competition prevailing in the market with bulk voice calls.


Voice calls Rate per 30 seconds call
2000 calls Rs 0.39/- + GST (18%)
5000 calls Rs 0.34/- + GST (18%)
10000 calls Rs 0.31/- + GST (18%)
50000 calls Rs 0.29/- + GST (18%)
1Lac calls Rs 0.26/- + GST (18%)


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